Fellows (2021-22) Daughters of Alkebulan

Developed for women with a leadership spirit

The selection process for the scholarship recipients was carried out by a a team of reviewers made up by members of the Red de Jóvenes Afropanameños, FES and Voces de Mujeres Afrodescendientes en Panamá.

For this first cohort, we worked with young women between 18 and 35 years of age. We made the call through advertising campaigns on social networks and strategic approaches with various organizations working with Afro-descendant women.

The application review team received more than 200 applications. We carefully examined every application and those that met the focal requirements were chosen.

We then used a scoring system for each application based on:

1. Emotional descriptors. Compelling reasons why they should strengthen their anti-racist training.

2. Ability to bring change within their community through the knowledge acquired in the HDA program.


List of Fellows 2021-22

Selected fellows by location


Lista de Graduandas 2021-22

Becarias graduadas de la primera cohorte según su ubicación

Panamá Centro:
Los Santos
Panamá Este:
Panamá Oeste:
Bocas del Toro: